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Pricing for wedding ceremonies is a flat rate (call for a quote); non-ceremony events are generally based on an hourly performance rate, but can be influenced by event complexity, timing, and location. Holiday rates may apply based on your dates (a general list follows below). Please call for a quote based on your own specific event details. I also provide complimentary consultations by appointment, in person or by phone or Skype. I often work alongside other musicians and vocalists, with any required rehearsal time prior to the event at an additional cost. Mileage costs may apply based on the location of your event. (With gasoline prices currently being so unpredictable, travel costs will be estimated when you reserve your date, but not finalized until close to your event. If anyone would like to invent a hybrid vehicle big enough to haul harps and equipment, you will be my hero forever. Seriously. Bonus points for making it look cooler than my current GMC Suburban.)

Holiday rates
Dates that generally involve holiday rates:
              New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
              Valentine’s Day
              Good Friday and Easter Sunday
              Memorial Day weekend
              July 4th or its nearest weekend
              Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
              Boxing Day (Dec.26)
This only a general list and may be subject to change.

Some events, such as simple background music, don’t require in-person plannings or meetings unless you would like one. If you can’t come in person, we can do a “virtual meeting” by phone or Skype. You can see and hear the harps and learn how a harp can be used at your event. We’ll do the paperwork and you can ask all your questions. This meeting is complimentary, though by appointment only. If you choose to finalize the booking at that time, your deposit can be made by cash, check or PayPal (so you can use a credit card). For weddings, a detailed planning meeting is required. The best time to plan to meet is after you’ve met with your officiant enough to know the “rough outline” of how the service will go. We’ll then determine what music you’d like and where.You don’t need to have all your pieces chosen before we meet; sometimes your selections will depend on the harp you choose. I can also make lots of suggestions if you need ideas.

Deposits & payment
A date is reserved by placing a deposit, usually 50% of the event quote, and completing a Performance Agreement. The remaining balance is requested 30 days prior to your event. All payments are accepted in cash, money order, corporate check, New York State personal check or via PayPal unless other arrangements are made. (PayPal charges a small service fee which will be added to your total.)

Outdoor Events
Outdoor events are possible between Memorial Day in May and Labor Day in August. Harps are terrific at outdoor events, but obviously must be protected from elements such as rain and roasting sun, both of which can permanently damage the instruments. The pedal harp may not be available for outdoor performances; lever harps are better suited for this. Temperature and weather must be taken in account for each peformance; please contact me for details. Amplification can be used outdoors as needed as long as an electrical source is available and weather conditions permit. Having a RAIN PLAN is MANDATORY.

Other musicians and vocalists
I often work with other musicians and vocalists, and can make recommendations about qualified people with whom I've worked. At least one rehearsal with any additional musicians prior to your event is mandatory to ensure the best possible performance. (Please note: rehearsal time is at an additional hourly charge.) I regularly work with flautist Glennda Dove Pellito in The Lakeshore Duet; I can also recommend fabulous vocalists and musicians to form various combinations with harp. If you have a singer in mind for your event, please be sure that they are available and in town for a rehearsal prior to the event, and that they are sufficiently trained and experienced. While everyone has a favorite cousin or a friend who has a lovely everyday singing voice, it can take a lot of work and time to get amateur singers up to performance caliber, and it really isn’t within the scope of what I do, not being a singer myself. LIkewise, I cannot give other musicians instruction on their instruments.

Out-of-town engagements can often be accommodated at an additional fee. Please call for details.

Initial contact information
When you first call or e-mail me for info, it is very useful to have the following information ready for me:

1. Your name and phone number.

2. The date and time of your event.

3. The location of your event.

4. A brief description of your event.

5. Your ideas on what sort of music you're looking for (this can be vague if you're still in the brainstorming phase, or you can admit to having no ideas yet if that’s the case).

6. The approximate size of the event location (to help determine amplification needs, if any); please also mention if this is an indoor or outdoor event.

7. If you will need additional musicians or vocalists, or if you have selected them already.
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photo: Jeff Mantler
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